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 The Le Corbusier or Heidi Weber Museum in Zurich, Switzerland, is the latest work of the famous Swiss-French architect, and that is precisely dedicated to his work, housing some of his paintings sculptures, furniture, documents and models of some of his work.

The building was commissioned in 1960 and after many changes and it was inaugurated in 1967, two years after the death of its creator. 

The building is located in a small park not far from Lake Zurich, .It is remarkable that the orientation of the building is set diagonally, unlike all the buildings in the area which are placed parallel to the direction of the lake.

The museum Le Corbusier materializes the spirit of his architectural theories, establishing a dialogue between art and architecture. I was conducted thanks to the enthusiasm of her friend Heidi Weber, who owned an art gallery in Zurich.

The museum clearly highlights two elements: the cover and the body of the building.
Le Corbusier devised coverage pavilion originally reinforced concrete but was later convinced realize in metal. This metal structure composed of metal plates, 5 mm thick, was designed on the basis of two squares of 12 x 12 meters square and is supported by pillars of 9 meters high, found in the middle of the sides of the building leaving the corners free.

This characteristic as well as the form of the roof, folded like an origami, give it a light and dynamic character.

Under the roof, the body of the museum is organized in cubic modules of 2.26 meters per side, corresponding to the measurements of the Modulor. Its arrangement reflects the theory of infinite growth something that had been proposed in museums in Tokyo and Chandigarh.

The roof was prefabricated in the steel manufactory and thereafter, in the biggest possible units, transported to the building site, where it was assembled on the ground. The two finally welded pans of the roof were then lifted to their final height (9 m) by a crane and fixed on the pillars.With the frame thus completed the construction process benefited from the independent roof protection which was at that time already in its proper place. It consists of cubes of 2.26 x 2.26 m [edged steel pieces - 3mm thick). which were are assembled on the site..

Walls. windows, openings and floors were then screwed on to the steel frame. The walls consist of enamelled panels measuring 1.13 x 2.26 m.

The placing of these enamel panels was planned according to a particular rhythmic system. a system which could be adapted for any other composition preferred. Afterwards, the entire building complex was placed on a concrete ground floor.

The building has two floors - five single-storied and one double-stored rooms.
When constructing the building complex. more than 20,000 bolts were used.

Inside the building is organized on two levels and a basement. The program, in addition to the exhibition rooms, including an auditorium, a dining room and terraces


OTHER works of Le Corbusier. 


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