Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I had always seen so many pristine and untainted image of the perfect renderings and photos about the World Expo Shanghai 2010, but when I was there I was captivated by the diverse repertoire of textures, colors and shapes that many pavilions offered when taking a closer look, pausing before the swarming frenzy of the crowds that invaded the fairgrounds.

Danish Pavilion

"Intensive gazes", in terms of Architect Helio Piñon (that I happen to learn through my friend Aldo Facho), is a vision that "seeks to guide the eye to be able to understand the relationship of the components that generate the architectural form." .

Finnish Pavilion

EXPO SHANGHAI 2010: MIRADAS INTENSIVAS / INTENSIVE GAZES / 強烈な視線 is also my first photographic exhibition to be presented (almost) simultaneously in Peru and Japan.
  • 10 Nov.: Altos del Portal of the Municipality. Plaza de Armas of Arequipa, Peru.
  • 22 Nov.-11 Dec.: Galería-Café Anonima. Kyoto, Japan.

Esta selección intenta ver la Expo Shanghai 2010 en una forma diferente, a través de una mirada más cercana e íntima. Aquí, las imágenes conocidas de los pabellones se vuelven menos evidentes que sus detalles, texturas y colores. Un juego de luz y sombras, invitándole a mirar la Expo más intensivamente.

This selection is an attempt to see the Expo Shanghai 2010 in a different way, through a closer and more intimate look. Here, the usual broad view of the pavilions become less evident than their details, textures and colors. A game of light and shadows, inviting you to gaze the Expo more intensively.


Many thanks to my sisters, Katiuska and Monica Zeballos, and to the architect Carlos Rodriguez for their monumental support to make this exhibition possible in Arequipa. I also thank to Jimena Mora, Oki Nakamura and Angélica Naka for their kind assistance in carrying out the exhibition in Kyoto. I will also be very grateful to all visitors who attend this event.

Spanish pavilion


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